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When To Replace The Glass Vision Panel In Your Wood Burner Stove Or Stove Door?

Our stoves glass is capable of withstanding temperature of around 700 degrees C. It is high temperature glass. This, however, does not mean that it is unbreakable. We strongly recommend that if you notice any damage or cracks in your stove door glass then you should replace this glass, when these weaknesses in the glass are subjected to continuous heat form the fire there is a risk that the glass will shatter suddenly in an unsafe manner creating shards.

Ordering New Stove Glass – Ceramic Stove Glass

The glass in a wood burning stove is not normal glass, it is a heat resistant ceramic glass is a lot more expensive than normal glass, you need to make sure you are ordering the correct type of glass. Some people have used toughen glass as as the insert as this glass has some heat resistant performance however we will not sell toughen glass as ceramic glass out performance this glass and is most ideal product for a gas,wood or multifuel burning stove or fireplace.

Wood stove glass is not actually “glass”, but a transparent ceramic created to withstand the extreme temperatures created inside the wood stove.

Ordering New Stove Glass – Measuring Correctly

We always advise our customers to take their own measurements and then confirm them by checking our size guide, as manufacturers can change their sizes without notifying us first.
Once you have ordered your ceramic wood stove glass, you’re ready to begin.

How to Replace Wood Stove Glass

Once you have purchased the fire resistant ceramic glass, setting it up is extremely simple so you can do it yourself. Your stove manufacturer will always supply you with a user manual of how to replace the glass. As a guild you should remember how you removed the glass to help and reproduce safe and secure seal. we must stress that you do not attempt to replace the glass while the stove is HOT!

  • The area around your stove door and the gasket can be quiet dirty from years of use, It will likely get messy so prepare the area around your wood stove by covering the flooring with newspaper.
  • Stove doors are usually held in with side hung bolts or can be lifted off, remove and place face down on your covered flat working surface. Clean the wood stove door by brushing it down.
  • Next remove the old stove rope and clean the groove in which the stove rope was positioned thoroughly, by running a screw driver round the grooves. your should use this opportunity to check on the condition of the stove rope which over time can flatten due to the heart, It is recommended when replacing the stove glass to replace the stove rope around the glass.
  • Remove the glass from the door, either by loosening latches or unscrewing the screws. If glass removal becomes difficult due to residue build-up, use a lubricant (WD-40) and some pliers to remove. Manufactures have kept this fairly simple but if in difficulty consult your owner’s manual.
  • Trace round the groove with stove glue. Ordinary glue can not be used for this job, stove rope glue is high temperature glue. Now place your rope into the groove.
  • Set the new ceramic glass into the door and very carefully replace the catches and/or tighten the screws, hand tight- DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. Tightening the screws too much can damage the ceramic glass, our stove glass has a nearly zero thermal expansion, however the metal screws will expand when exposed to extreme heat, and could force enough pressure to crack the glass.

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