How To Make A Replacement Stove Glass Panel Template

If I were to send you a pattern of my exact glass can you send me a quote

What is plain / clipped or shaped glass?
Plain glass is any rectangular or square shaped piece of glass. Clipped glass is the same as plain glass, but with the corners “clipped off”. Shaped glass is any other shape of glass other than square or rectangular. We will need a paper template for both and we must receive a template or scale drawing for these.

What do I need to do if I want clipped or shaped glass?
Answer : Simply place your order and then email us with the make and model of the appliance and we will check if it’s on our list. If it is, we’ll get it made for you ASAP, if not, then make a paper template of the existing glass and then send it to us .Once we receive it, we will get it made and sent out to you ASAP.

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