NeoCeram has a proven track record for the past 50 years as the leading heat resistant glass for high intensity high efficiency for both domestic and commercial situations, It is a superior, special material for use wherever stability and endurance is required in high heat intensity and high temperature applications with the essential property of transparency.

Performance Where it matters

Thermal endurance exceeding that other ceramic glass– With NeoCeram ® you can enjoy the fire view with the assurance the window has been designed with a superior margin of safety for your home and your family. Neoceram glass has a special protective layer of silica coating which helps to prevent damage to the surface of stove glass.

Features of Neoceram

  • Heat stable, and resistant against high temperature exposure.
  • Superior heat resistance, withstanding temperatures up to 800 °C
  • Robust resilience against thermal stresses and shock
  • Continuous service at 700 °C without change
  • Unique Silica Coating giving market leading longevity to the glass
  • Flat polished surface standard
  • Ideal for use as inspection glass in industrial applications such as furnaces

Thermal Shock- Hot To Cold Extreme Tolerance – Performance Where It Matters

Neoceram is extensively used in stoves, AGA’s and ovens in This type of transparent glass-ceramic also functions well when temperature vary from hot to cold. If you were to put ice on hot standard glass, it would most likely break. NeoCeram can handle such a temperature change and would not break under those circumstances.Heat

Heat Resistant Ceramic Neoceram- Typical Applications:

  • The ideal front and side sight glass for wood burning stoves, fireplaces and other enclosed multi-fuel space heating units (using gas, coal and other forms of bituminous fuels).
  • Observation panels and sight glasses for high temperature industrial hot manufacturing, such as for furnaces, metal working and processing, incinerators, commercial ovens and boilers.
  • Protection safety cover glass for high intensity lighting and heating elements, including external floodlighting where there is a risk of thermal shock from rain, snow and cold conditions.
  • Observation and heat resistant windows for oil and natural gas processing plant, including offshore platforms.
  • A temperature stable template for thermoforming heat processing and fabrication technologies.

Wood Burner Stove, Multi fuel stoves, Pellet Stove and Coal Stove Windows and Stove Doors

Wood burner and Multi fuel glass of choose- 

Neoceram is the optimal choice for wood stoves and fireplaces. Many of our customers immediately notice a difference in the quality of this glass when we supply and replace their existing glass panel, however the performance is confirmed in the years of consistent performance. It has a special coating on both sides which slows down the build-up of soot considerably, and can be cleaned using soapy water and a non-abraisive cloth.

We can cut and shape Neoceram to any size made to measure.

customers attempt to contact their manufacturer in hopes to get a replacement. Unfortunately, sometimes these companies go out of business, or simply stop making the replacement piece that would fit in your hearth

Can I Install My Own Ceramic Woodstove Glass?

Yes! In fact, it’s incredibly easy to order custom ceramic glass and install yourself. For pricing and ordering information, click here or call us today!

We can make custom sized pieces of heat resistant NeoCeram , to ensure it fits in any hearth. Preventing the frustration of trying to replace it.

Transparent clear super heat resistant ceramic glass, specifically developed for high temperature exposure application where stability and endurance is required.

This is an excellent replacement in most applications for any of the following glasses – PYREX®, BOROFLOAT® , TEMPAX® , VYCOR® , PYROCERAM® , and
ROBAX® – Please note: Stove glass is often cut to order so cannot be exchanged or refunded if you have purchased the wrong item.