We have access wide range of spares, parts and accessories for the majority of commonly installed stoves. These are often available on a same day basis, if not, rapid delivery is available. We offer a low cost spares installation service for items such as stove glasses and rope door seals. Inevitably some parts of your stove will deteriorate over time. This includes grates in multi-fuel stoves and heat baffles.

These parts are easily replaced in most cases. Attention should also be paid to the fire cement in the union between the stove and the first fuel pipe section. This is subject to constant expansion and contraction when the stove is in use and can break down. Due to its location this failure might not be immediately obvious.

Stoves which are not performing correctly can in the worst case release Carbon Monoxide into your living space. A simple service carried out by our HETAS registered engineers usually only takes a couple of hours and can save you money by reducing your fuel usage.